Spectacle Tears

FeaturedSpectacle Tears

Urgency, emergency, and instance are similar words used in different contexts due to the situation, people involved and the kind of audience. This day was an urgent day. It started with the sun shining despite a long streak of the heavy downpour; perhaps it was a great day for Adele to write a song that was not so melancholic but full of buttercups and bright colors likened to a hippie parade. I don’t know, but I for some reason need to construct a playlist for such days so that I can just press play and enjoy the jingles, kicks and snares, melody and lyrics. This was not such a day. I was called by a person whose role is important but not so important−I don’t have a word for that. I had to rush but at the same time, I was tired. It was a weekend I needed to rest so what do I do? I ignored the rest because there is always the next one.

Ever been open for a solo urgent adventure? I have. That is the life, so it seems I heard it is called adulting these days so I adulted. I went to board a shuttle for a short trip that is supposed to be two hours at moderate speeds but ends up to be three hours in a shuttle; I wonder why and I will never get the answer. I took the front seat because a good conversation with a driver is always welcome. There is always something new you will learn from a driver and you will not come across bother as compared to try striking a conversation with a total stranger.

At the shuttle’s cock pit, a fairly built man had sat next to me, he was quiet and didn’t utter a word. With his phone in hand, he occasionally texted as we started out our journey on the A104 road a road that connects Kenya. We joked around with the driver at least so he can join and chip in but the most I got was a smirk on his face. At times I gave a nudge on his shoulder to support my argument but he smiled a bit and went back to texting. I never thought a 50-year-old looking man who must have discovered the gym quite recently would be so much into phone text chatting.

Finally, another call was buzzing on his phone, this one he didn’t ignore or maybe just maybe he couldn’t ignore. He answered to it and his voice was frail.”It’s true, that is the way of life,” he told the person on the other end of the call. You could feel the deep sadness and sorrow in the tone of his voice. He rolled down the window and stared deep into the horizon overlooking Mt. Longonot and the vast rift valley. We got the drift, the driver and I went quiet. He must have been a grieved man. He stared outside for a period of approximately twenty minutes. The vehicle must have had unfriendly strangers at the back because those twenty minutes were the longest I had ever encountered this year. It was like the outer limits the only sound were whispers from the car stereo speakers since the driver turned down the volume when he was on phone and passengers at the back were pin drop silent apart from the pings of WhatsApp messages and the running of the diesel Toyota shark engine.

Bob Marley was playing on the radio, you can barely hear him sing but the 48-year-old guy heard and did the honors of turning up the volume a notch. It was (Three Little Birds- Bob Marley) playing that was when I saw his face, dried tears on his cheeks fairly red eyes and sadness was written all over his face. A true display that spectacles can not hide tears.

Placing my hand on his shoulder I told him it’s going to be alright he nodded and tears started to flow. There is a problem with ‘I have with tragedy, loss and consolation.’ 100% of the time I tell myself I will do a better job next time at handling the mentioned because I am clueless every other time. It’s always like the first time. Even the words from my mouth are somehow inarticulate and my facial expression clearly confused.

This time around I must have handled it well, perhaps because he was a stranger and I had no standard of compassion to maintain or attain. It was natural I felt it in my heart. I asked him to share his loss and he said: “love is a pain”. She fought hard and she never losses. She was a winner but why now? He had lost his wife of 10years, had three young ones since he had given up on love until 10 years ago. He met this mature lady who was successful and focus, corporate and drop-dead gorgeous. He had outdone himself this time. She was way out of his league. He always trusted himself and believed in honesty whatsoever the case. He reminisces and he is stronger now no tear flow just a hearty smile but a frail voice. He says it was just yesterday he spoke to her and told her that the weekend is here and they would watch an episode of their favorite show on his tablet before she goes for chemo, and that is when I knew the dirty claws of cancer had yet again claimed another soul. A soul that completed someone’s life puzzle, a soul that was strict a soul that had few friends but genuine ones, a soul that listened and danced to Sauti Sol.

It was so heavy that the driver made a stopover about 20km to the destination to get a fruit drink, this was a first I have never had a stopover when on this short trip. He told me he is heading straight to where her body lay, “no episode to watch just a cold room probably with other lost souls” he said. And I told him that one day death will also die. Hang in there; brighter days are coming as I alighted at my destination.


Open Letter to Taxi apps

FeaturedOpen Letter to Taxi apps

The custodian(taxi app)
P.o box- the future
City, country of choice.

RE: I have a story to tell

Dear Sir/Madam,
I hereby write this in regard to my experience with cabs, cab drivers and the observation I have seen with my naked eyes (whoever came up with the analogy that eyes need clothing).
My first experience in a cab was courtesy of one of my sister’s date which I was tagged along as a small brother, come to think of it I was a collateral of sorts, but that is not the basis of this story.
The trip was awesome the driver was a smoker and the entire time all I could listen was the conversation between the driver, my sister and the radio which was playing nothing but news. I didn’t care it was nice riding “shot” gun and rolling down the window without supervision- I was 10.
Years later I am now able to share a trip cramped up 8 people in a 5 seater after a heated debate on splitting the cab fare. The struggle of trying to fit in with the cool kids was not fun at all, taxing and far away from fun.Cab fare has always been an issue for me it has always been the equated to extortion as per my own terms. It’s always been expensive I keep haggling. Even if I can afford I still haggle. Cab fare was made to be haggled even the person who started this business knows in his grave. (Google who started taxi can business)

-The chauffeur experience
Ever since I got my driving licence its like I signed up for the chauffeur experience, yes, to give other people that experience.
The essence of my attempts to gain the backseat experience is still a dream like having the coveted chance of sitting with Sunny Bindra on his YouTube channel. (Sunny Bindra’s Backseat)
Eureka! Taxi apps made this possible making money by only providing a resource tool for drivers and passengers. They are a couple and well I have knocked my self out a numerous times, with offers alerts on my finger tips.

I since have managed to have rides whenever, wherever maybe not wherever.. remember the haggling bit? You can’t  haggle with a taxi app, a discount maybe haggling absolutely not.

-the accents

I have to admit that I have been a cheeky fella and tried a Nigerian accent while riding one and the response hasn’t been welcomed well by the drivers, don’t I look West African? Well, last time a tip for a pathetic ride was demanded by a driver and you guessed it I didn’t tip for horrible experience I had and that affected on my rating.

I do this to avoid small talk when I need to be doing other things like strategizing on my next move or think of what went wrong after a rejected pitch. Drivers should understand this, that everyday is not a good day at the shop. Sometimes we go through some stuff and when they delay you with no solid reason you may be having an emergency and guess what you are disappointed, you go ahead and speak in an accent to cheer yourself up but they give you a low a rating or no rating altogether.

Lately, I toned down on the accents but still rating plummets by the day, probably even when i have devoid use of taxi app for reasons best know to me probably evading low rating as one of the core reasons.

Last time I shared with some strangers a taxi ride they were drunk and not the good kind of drunk, the drunk that you don’t enjoy listening to not the philosophical drunks who have more knowledge than a pajama party hosted by Galileo, Tesla and Marie Curie.(just in case feminists are on my case).

These were the boring kind of drunks, there is nothing as sad as that, I mean you have no upside to being drunk. The both were confused and didn’t even put effort to sound smart like most do even when the next miscalculated step would send them to a goodnight sleep in a ditch.

They were trying to haggle they sucked at it and then the taxi driver decided to cancelled the trip and gave them a bargain. He had already calculated the route and the number of times he would free wheel on that trip perhaps. I still fail to understand that logic of free wheeling, no to put much bother into it but sharing a fare and the guys were heading my route was a noble cause  like world peace day or something related.

The fellows blacked out  I reached my stop and paid my share. Taxi drivers encounter annoying situations. But still even telling him sorry wouldn’t make a change to my taxi app rating so I clung to my remorse.
-busy heading to a meeting

Fun part about meetings is finishing on time and have a worthwhile agenda, Taxi apps haven’t given me that luxury especially when you are master of your path and need to get on time and you suggest the quickest route and all over sudden the google guys know Kenya than you do as the driver tries to insinuate. You have lived here all your life and the driver will argue about your choice of back-route which is traffic free and and lesser potholes than Googles route. Well you know how that ends, a bad rating and you return the favor so you can be even. An eye for eye left us both blind and someone didn’t get a tip.

I have so much to say about your credits and overcharge but well I would need a reply for this letter so I shall save that content for my revert.

Yours Sincerely,

Bad Letter writer phrenology

Behind US

FeaturedBehind US

I almost started writing with a need for a definition but no!, the reader is a smart one. He/she knows the difference between ridiculous and real and so why re-write the dictionary on this post.
I have been observing and sometimes observations could either make you want to gorge out your eyes or vision for a clearer vision. And this is only made possible by what we see
I can only reiterate that observation has been something I have been good at from the time I was a reserved introvert to the seasonal ambivert I have evolved into.
Being the silent one in the room has its perks first of all people forget your name and it doesn’t matter how unique your name is.
So you have an incognito presence and don’t necessarily end up exchanging contacts with people who down the line at the end of the year will delete them.
You may ask me why but I may say that people have forgotten to live.
Life has become a me first society and as much as it is of much importance, selfishness has rammed the door comparable to the FBI at fugitive’s residence.
People are full of themselves, and we all know it.
Which takes me back to my introvert days being silent full of humour but I made the mistake of opening my big mouth. And like most comedians point of challenge when they are at a social event and someone asks them to say something funny when they just wanted to be normal while enjoying the barbeque a conversation and probably content of their next job in piece.
This never happens why because people are ridiculous, make you sign in for duty at your rest time. Or say an electrician who suddenly is handed a screwdriver to have a look at the iron box which stopped functioning the previous day.
People can never be real and that is why the balance of life has been scrambled. That is why we never get hear that story of the county council guy who has been making your street clean for over a decade and yet he has prospered at his specialty but we only notice that time he was unwell and it wasn’t as clean.We are quick to forget diligence, dedication and commitment.
We have changed and not the good kind. We have reached a point where a frugal life is a disease and the pissing contest on Instagram is life.

We have forgotten to be REAL and it is exhausting talking about it every now and then.. Until next Thursday. Salute to the real people out there I pray you end up in the history books of the world or the people around you.

It was a wrap

FeaturedIt was a wrap

Start with mad skills 
Once upon a time I used to really love music, music just did it for me in all kinds of situations and I swear I had a hint of every relation to every genre from the classical of George Friedrich Handel and Paganini because Mozart and van Beethoven were too mainstream.
And to the deepest vocal cord of MF Doom and Jeru the Damaja and the awesomeness of Lupe Fiasco when it came to hip-hop.
But I also loved one particular artist and not because I have his entire discography. Certainly not, I loved the way he could sum up an entire year events to a few minutes of rap song.
I always fathomed on how he made it happen, I mean I don’t think there was Google by then may be there was just no internet.  His name was mad skills and he did his research. I have no idea whether he had any other songs but I longed for the end of the year. For some reason you couldn’t listen to the rap-up’s for a second or third time. Once was enough the articulation, wordplay, rhyme scheme and flow were just on point.
And then unfortunately events happened when he changed his name to just skills and that is how he lost his madness.
And ever since I don’t think he has ever rapped up the year well. As I write this in an icecream parlour makes me want to binge despite my cold and the sniffles. This place makes me feel like I am in the 80’s because it has stood the test of time. The soulful wall hangings and paintings are still old not medieval old just 80’s  old. And it was here that I was taking a review on my five new years resolutions with disappointment on my face. I mean, What could possibly go wrong? They were only 5 an odd number just like the year. Skills I must have amount to skills without the madness.

52 week challengeD
When the year began we all sat down sometimes with people whom we never thought we wouldn’t be in talking terms with at week 51. We made friends with some enemies and actually found out we shared a lot in common apart from a the dislike we had initially. A lot can happen in a year. 52weeks is an awfully long time. Children are born and People die, a mark of beginnings and ends all happen some are anticipated some are not we just don’t know. We plan and plan and plan but we have to hope but sure we just don’t know.
Just when you thought all was lost a day of hope Sun kisses you and you only have the option of kissing back. Life is beautiful,  life is balanced. And that is how I recall on a 52 week challenge some financial platform created for people to follow to save and get financial freedom.
2017 WAS

To OLD new beginning 
Beginnings are the best they broaden our perspective even when they are bad beginings. .. I can already hear myself saying beeninging like Jacob Zuma…  or good beginnings which most times make us happy. Plenty of bad beginning have been around my circles and the essence of bad beginnings is to remind us the yin yang of no good without evil. So next time a good beginning presents itself open up your third eye to keep watch like you expect shit to hit the fan but also don’t be so anxious live but don’t forget the unpredictably slyness of misfortunes. At 101 days in to the new year we just look to 200 and maybe we can try and be what we never thought we might… all in all embrace it.
I started writting again like I had lost my words in the forest as the red riding hood derailed me to the wolf’s house and found a Fox and well that means I survived once again a bout of being full of stories but I didn’t know how to tell.
Maybe this is a  new beginning and the structure maybe better this time so let see what the 264 days awaits

Ps: I wouldn’t write if I didn’t need you readers, so a fortnight my read keeps the insanity away.

TO NEW BEGINNINGS good ones as we are weary of the bad. Character boy out!!

No pool, no party

FeaturedNo pool, no party

Once upon a time eons ago when life was simpler and embracing it was likened to a bear hug tight as a anaconda slithering and constricting. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, I once read but complexity is slowly disrupting the peace with extra unnecessary features that are more so seldom put into use. Continue reading “No pool, no party”

Empty wallet

FeaturedEmpty wallet

What’s in a story? I love stories, from funny to sad, to stories that have no punch to the mayweather calibre ones those that pack a punch, outright heavy…stories that make your own  stories sound like childplay and make you revisit your life experience.
Stories that make you want to be barefoot because you can’t walk in someone’s shoes. Stories that have “pizzazz”, stories that are lame and question the recovery of your precious time for listening or reading. Stories you wish the narrator didn’t sound like the nerd in your daily programming tutorial whose normal voice sounds like he has a recurrent ending flu. Stories!,  I love and live for them.  And that is why I prefer hanging out with my Dad he has plenty of them. Stories I mean from the young days ( I envision in black and white) to responsible ones and not so responsible ones which I came to learn of quite recently. I think he deemed it fit for me to know that he is not perfect as I perceive him to be. Spoiler alert this is not one of those days I narrate a story from him… a man who loves to laugh even 5 mins after you pissed him off. A bad-ass of sorts. Well my mother’s husband has always reminded me to smile he tells me that is his secret to  looking young and living young. So the struggle with fighting the gloom has been a battle likened to the “we die in Elysium” scene from the Gladiator movie- timeless movie that one.

And the story begins…..
So , once again  in a fix a financial one. That fix that isn’t really a fix but because you really don’t want to pinch a bit of your savings renders you automatically broke. You have this risk to take and the risk requires you to be liquid, money wise. You are tempted to make the sort me out phone call to your friends and well it the bad time of the month as per your assumption and the business fellows you know rely on government tenders and as we all know the government will assume office as soon as the president is sworn in. So it’s rough and your ego cannot let you borrow from some people because you are the one who is the Shylock but tables have turned and you scroll through your phone book but then again you have some loaded acquaintances in your phone book, when was the last time you called them though? are they still loaded? are you a good person as you think you are? Well that is life we can’t be in everyone’s good books sometimes you are the wrong topic to some, the topic that should have been erased and forgotten.
What’s in a wallet? I have only managed to admire 3 wallets in my life not because the leather is so authentic my friends from the hood can describe as nyama! Chemsha tunywe supu. So the contenders are Mr. Khamasi “Pulp fiction wallet” the bad you what oneUntitled Design (3) and El Kaka’s Maasai wallet  and of course my Stafford which I got as a gift.
If Stafford has terms and on minimum balance for your wallet I believe mine would have been repossessed  and thank God for no bounty hunters in Kenya or my head is not on their hit-list.
So your wallet is almost empty with cash for priorities left, you are stuck but you have courage left a speck of it knowingly that the deal you are meant to work on required some cash and clearly you are broke. So you have 3 options either to wing it, place confidence at the forefront or languish on timid complex and self-pity or  give yourself away to a loan shark. So you take a balance of option 1 and 3, the deal doesn’t come through, you are in trouble now. But you are at a worse state you need to sell something to keep going. Then you have an empty wallet technically apart from the ten dollars that decorate it for a just in case of emergency situation.
Two days later you are in town and you have no idea what to do next, you smile as you walk through the streets of Nairobi but you cannot imagine borrowing from passersby with a lame excuse not because you have pride but that is not the path you are about to take.
There is no more appropriate time than to recite this to quote in your heart “The Lord is my shepherd…” and alas your phone rings moments later, its someone who needs a favor and asks you whether you are in town. At that moment all you have is your phone with close to no charge, earphones and an empty wallet. You take that opportunity to visit your caller and see if you are cut to do the favor.

Most times its manual labor this favors. Do this, do that and small talk while you are at it. In this case this guy was moving in to his new office. And that is when your little expected wage turns into a couple thousands because we’ll the the Lord is your shepherd and the I.T guy has stood up the guy who gave you “favor” job. You are paid in cash after hours of numerous computer installation now that you told him you did I.T in campus and securing a job has been a never-ending night mare but can takeover the installation job not expecting much . He asks whether you have been applying and the list is endless and your refuge has now been to work as a casual laborer at industrial area the next coming week. You are ready, you have been in that situation before and life won’t end if you go back. Afterwards you have received you wage which is now  twenty plus times more that the moving in “favor” job you were to do, you are content and maybe you can try that deal again.
You reflect and know one thing for sure to always carry your wallet you never know when it needs to be filled up.- Life Lesson



Don’t let people who don’t matter too much, matter too much- Wel Moore
And that was a quote I was told by a purportedly crazy person. It is quite appalling just like the street kid who spoke about opportunity a year or two ago… I hope he is living his dream now after finding an opportunity to get off the street. Continue reading “THEY CALLED ME CRAZY”

Shitting on demand

FeaturedShitting on demand

Its usually unusual to know what to expect from a conversation these days it could be one on one, a phone call  or a text message. I have failed to understand, it doesn’t matter the age, race, ethnicity  or gender you are communicating with the words that are often generated from our thoughts are crazy, brilliant, smart and sometimes plain silly.

Recently while catching up with El Kaka by now if you have been reading this blog you know him. He is a man of scenarios, few people don’t like him and I guess its because they suck anyway so today’s blog post is inspire by the conversation we had recently and made me make a doctors appointment. Here goes something









Ladies and gentlemen some of the scariest shit we talk always happens before lunch time.



First of all I have a confession of visiting numerous ladies washrooms thanks to selfies, its alarming on how I can detect which fancy restaurant/ hotel washroom is legit from the other slay queen and maybe have an idea on the décor of what to not put in my bathroom in future …now that i have your attention…
Life, like business runs on questions, not answers. And the most scary question according to me and gets me jittery is  “What different thing are you bringing to the table? “That may just make me signal the movers to take it back even if was bringing the damn table. It generates a vacuum in my head.
A steakhouse of beef towards that question may be the closest description on how I dislike that question, how daft does one craft such a question? About tables? I bet the hospitality industry feel like an abuse of their vocab being up-hazardly misused as much as it is a figure of speech. It is not the best thought, it’s a question and of course it needs an answer. Logically speaking it is assumed that there is no questions without answers and no comment is usually considered “invalid, null and void”- drops a peculiar Kenyan statement abuse right there.
Recently I was in a certain section of Nairobi and well as I was having a stroll since that is my new found therapy, no ear phones just me, my shoes and the dust is when I was made to discover that the shape of my head is a work of art, it is said to have never changed it is distinct and clearly no one who knows me can miss it. So I hear honking and I fight the urge to look back I am not driving so I stick to my stand not to flinch I continue with my walk enjoying the concrete scenery with no out of this world architecture… I am in a place where greenery is a myth and different shades of dust are in abundance. The honking goes on twice more and I now suspect the vehicle has a faulty horn. Then a second later the said vehicle dashes cuts me across on the dusty side walk I make a halt as the vehicle does so too. It’s a Toyota hiace shuttle, its empty I quickly notice I have nothing to be afraid of, never have I ever thought of myself as a person who attracts harm that is why the valley of the shadow has never been a fear path for me so I proceed, all kinds of thoughts streaming in.

I think maybe this is the day a call for ransom to my friends & family is made… *quick deviation* I always envision every bad thing happening to me like a bad  game show and to date I don’t know why it has always matched up the OMO pick a box colors blue red and white..(.striking perhaps?) Whereby a host puts me on the spot at the stand with a buzzer button on my left hand, with my problem and where but my life lines are engineered to always disappoint me with wrong answers in turn never solving the unpleasant situation.
So as I get back the footing on the dusty side walk and about to pass by the rude driver who thinks I haven’t bit enough dust by now having already covered a few hundred meters. He calls me by my name and since I have been called by different names all my life and I usually know how to distinguish where I met the person.
This was not going to be easy because I this was a very unfamiliar face.
He tells me to hop in the van, he is huge and in this case I tell myself that this guy can effortlessly over power me if this is a kidnapping but can never out run me. So I decline partly because I was enjoying my dusty foot soldier walk and also I don’t get into strangers cars especially if they are not unexceptionally  really good looking like they are from international magazine pictures, touched up and all. No offense, but don’t you think you might trust a really good looking male or female depending on the context as compare to an average Joe?

And let’s remember nobody want to be told they look average even if they are.
So he tell me his name and that we went to primary school together but he transferred at the junior classes. I have never questioned my memory but as I try mentally to erase the bass from his voice shave his beard, form a baby face visual of him I still can’t come up with something worth an iPhone X facial recognition mechanisms capability.
I give in and hop in the vehicle, and put on a brave face masked with a smile. And so our small talk of questions begin.
Translated: for purpose of language barrier and readers who don’t get sheng.
“You haven’t changed man! It’s like a blown up version of yourself only darker and taller” he says
“How is Mr. Kanye?” I am now shocked
Who is this guy? And I humbly reply in my head “I don’t know, probably Kim K has the answer”
So I reply ” I don’t get the question”
The teacher who used to be terror by sight and loved his tobacco.
Oh Mr. Kanyi?! I can’t remember the last time I saw him. You transferred early right? Lucky you, you never had to be in his math class.
He stares at me in shock driving at 20kph.

“He taught you math?

I failed at math I bet I would have suffered, his caning looked painful.” He answered his question.
I survived I am a living proof.
So do you stay around? He asks I as I mentally roll my eyes (what’s with Kenyans)
No just visiting… yourself?
I come from around just from the garage. I want to drop this car to the driver and head home help my daughter with her homework.
“All in a day’s work right?” I remark.
Yeah pretty much, she gives me joy with the crazy days and phone calls from the other driver is just stress but that is just business.
Atleast you are the responsible one and don’t have to give the boss bad news…(The problem of being used to bosses)
Unfortunately the boss receives it one way or the other not from me though. He stresses
Machel by the way, Samora Machel standard 3P3 Mrs. Muigai’s class…
Me grins, I had finally met someone who has a good memory.
I am very impressed it is unbelievable.
He names a couple of people he was either friends with or who were popular and “losers”.
This was the scariest experience I ever had this year.
What brings you around? Work? Visit? Scanning around for land?
None of the above… just lost myself trying to find myself -I chuckle
He still has a serious face, “well, good luck with that”
Kesho, another day right?
No, I am very religious the car doesn’t work on Sunday, I am contented with a good 6days a week…he answers
You must have a good boss then.
Yeah you are looking at him -he modestly answers my ignorant self
How slow could I have been not to notice his lack of pressure while making small talk instead of rushing to make a living. To recover lost time at the garage.
He tells me about how he always wanted to be a matatu driver but had to answer pilot in class just because everyone was ambitious than him.
I am quick to congratulate him since he is living his dream unlike us astronauts who only know NASA as a political bloc. I am even afraid of telling him what I do for a living.
He has a wonderful wife a daughter and a matatu. He has a picture in his wallet.
So where did you transfer to after class 3? I am now attentive
I went school in Muhoroni after my father got a job at a sugar company, lived there most of my life. Until when I realized I needed to work towards my goal because academics was not my thing and as you can see by my physical stature, no sport favoured me.

How come you have never gained weight? He asks

There are times you watch your weight and at times your weight watches you. Life’s ups and downs I wish you met me a few years back- I answer

I remember that statement I wrote it down in my phone on my phone I knew it would come in handy. There are plenty more questions would you mind getting the answers later? I know I would.


Formula 1 teacher or Kenyan blogger


When you grow up, you have nothing more to do than wonder it’s a life of awe and uuhs and that is why anything social will sell because that is just how most of us are wired as human beings. Its not a sin neither is it salvation its somewhere in between somewhere likened say the black hole (excuse my astrophysics) I personally couldn’t watch cosmos so the universe and I end up there call me an inbetweener I shall whole hearted take that title. I was saying the above to my best bud feeling all philosophical as if I had just had tea with Arunga, Biko, Magunga and Mpunzitsi of whom are  all Kenyan writers (only met 2 by the way, so bucket list almost struck). Some friends are just curious and absolutely witty, you have to be careful around them with your words, if they don’t correct you pronunciation they definitely correct your spelling verbally. Continue reading “Formula 1 teacher or Kenyan blogger”